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If you are looking to experience how it is to work in a Non-Governmental Organization and participate in programs in the fields of education, environmental conservation and natural resources management, we are your best option. We encourage all of you interested in being part of CEPP's volunteer program, to make a valuable contribution and help us achieve important objectives and goals set to improve the living conditions of communities and sfeguard the environment.

Our volunteering programs are considered as a well-organized plan of action, carried on by people without any monetary interest, motivated by altruism and solidarity. Our programs have clear goals, objectives and activities that aim to change the social reality of the communities we work on.
In order to create sustainable volunteer programs, CEPP develops a systematic plan coherent with our institutional strengths and our mission, allowing us to develop well organize logistic details, working conditions for our volunteers, offering them a safe and well organize environment to complete their activities.

CEPP incorporates a very effective and basic planning system for every volunteer program:
  1. Preparation phase: here we define the general aspects of the volunteer opening, the core elements of the future plan of action are established including, the activities, objectives and goals expected.
  2. Definition Phase: before the volunteer is accepted in one of the openings, the organization sets his or her role in the organization, his/her responsibilities which guides the professional profile required to be appointed as part of CEPP’s volunteer program.
  3. Formal incorporation: here is formalized the relationship with CEPP via a written agreement that specifies both parties responsibilities.
  4. Beginning of the activities: the volunteer begins his or her activities according with the plan attached in the agreement.
  5. Recognition: The volunteer will receive a written recognition once completed all the activities and objectives set in the action plan.
  6. Release: this is the final phase, it involves evaluating the process including the level of satisfaction of the volunteer.
 We are currently calling people interested in working under our volunteer program in the fields of:

- International Cooperation: Specialist / Grants and funding allocation.

- Communication: Junior technician / Community manager.
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