Portfolio of Initiatives

Initiatives Launched by CEPP and you can participate

Welcome to our portfolio of initiatives. These are all the projects that we are currently operating. There is a huge range of activities being conducted by our organization. Some programs involve working with rural communities in coordination with local authorities, and other are immersive travel experiences open to the public fully operated by CEPP. All funds collected from these initiatives help fund our social projects in communities. Find the one you like the most and join!

Instructional Design

CEPP designs educational programs for different audiences, and specializes on creating tailor-made programs fitted to the specific needs of our clients and collaborators.
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Wildlife management

CEPP has developed a training program focused on improving the many skills required for a professional to be considered a Wildlife Management Specialist.
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Aula Verde II

Aula Verde Program is a professional training program designed for personnel in charge of managing Ecuador’s protected areas located in mainland territory.
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Learning Skills

CEPP has a proven experience and a professional team of experts, highly qualified to design and implement top of the line Personal Growth and Learning Improvement programs for your company, organization or institution.
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Faculty Led - Biodiverstiy

This program is designed to let participants experience Ecuador’s biodiversity hotspots and its unique landscapes in some of the greatest natural protected areas while interacting with local communities.
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Cultural Experience

The learning experience is better if lived firsthand, if you are interested in designing or being part of a study program in Ecuador with emphasis in Spanish skills and cultural exchange, we can help you do it.
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