CEPP designs educational programs for different audiences, and specializes on creating tailor-made programs fitted to the specific needs, appropriate institutional dimensions, context and capacities of our clients and collaborators. 


Our organization is motivated by the important role of education as the main factor for social change and true wellbeing for Ecuadorian population. Therefore, CEPP has been committed in over 35 years of institutional life to build the conceptual foundations, the teaching tools and the organizational structure to work for a more fair society with greater environmental awareness and more opportunities for the majority of the population.

We have great experience in developing educational programs for youth and adult publics, in such fields as environmental conservation, human rights, democracy and social development, gender equality, civil participation and more.

In order to create and deliver well structured products, CEPP has established a team of collaborators constituted by an important pool of experts and highly motivated professionals, committed to the important task of creating high quality educative products.

We have worked with many national and international organizations such as the United Nations Development Program, the German Cooperation Agency GIZ, the Ministry of Education and others.

If your organization is interested in hiring educational consulting services, we could be your best option to develop an unforgettable learning experience for your trainees/students, please contact us.


USA: Center for Education and Professional Promotion Incorporated. 501(c)(3) Tax exempt organization. Mailing Address: 1732 1st Ave. New York, NY 10128.


ECUADOR: Centro de Educación y Promoción Social y Profesional CEPP. Resolución MIES 1234.221.4 Dirección: Manrique Lara E14-393 e Illanes. Edif. Monet D2. Quito.