On 2016 the CEPP carried on three successful programs in the fields of environmental conservation, academic mobilization and disaster relief. Aula Verde training program was successfully completed on January 2017 with over 680 park rangers trained overall. The reconstruction project in Coaque gave a new hope to 100 families stricken by disaster on 2016; and the CMU master’s program for Ecuador allowed 4 Ecuadorian students to join the elite in one of the best computer science schools in the world.


Aula Verde

Under the endorsement of the Ministry of Environment and the financial support of Ecofondo Foundation, CEPP completed in 2012 the first step towards creating Aula Verde – Conservation School: the nationwide assessment process in over 40 protected areas to establish the professional training needs for Ecuador’s Protected Areas System.

From this point on CEPP developed the professional profiles for park rangers, park managers and personal responsible of wildlife management, which were presented and approved by the Ministry of Environment. During this first phase the program had an invaluable contribution from the University of Colorado, with the exceptional participation of PhD Craig McFarlan. This contribution was made possible by the Prometheus Program.

Between 2013 and 2014 the first three cohorts of students completed 24 modules in 12 months, averaging 580 classroom hours; the training sessions were completed in Quito city.

In 2015 during the fourth year of the program, the training courses were taken from Quito’s venue to 50 protected areas in order to cover a greater number of park rangers. This strategy was completed with the participation of seven teachers, who received prior training in the different issues related with the management of protected areas.

Finally in 2016, the program migrated its contents and adapted the learning strategy to an e-learning platform, spreading even more the reach of Aula Verde all over the territory.

The program closed in 2017 with outmost success, reaching over 800 park rangers and improving the local capabilities of 50 protected areas management teams.


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